Comme un Gant (2009 - 2010)

Mime and poetry for two boxing gloves.

gLoved is the story of a life in which boxing gloves would have taken up the whole space, of a young boxer who would spend his life running after a flying acrobat...

A life where one would have to beware of flies and where dreams and magic would never be very far from the awakening...

gLoved is in the end a good rabbit punch behind your ears.

Your letter, at last! - Ta lettre, enfin! (2009 - 2011)

Waiting, waiting for a love letter; that moment between receiving and unsealing the envelope.

Looking, looking at it and through it at you. What does it take to send a letter?

What will it take to receive the answer?

Your Letter, At Last! creates a bridge between mime, poetry and theatre.

The Gambler (2010 - 2013)

Enthralling visual tale combining movement, live music and new writing. Drawing on the experiences of real gambling addicts in North London, The Gambler is the story of Edgar; an old man trapped in his past. As he confronts his addiction, he wonders if his decisions were truly his own. Each spin of the wheel recalls the promise of a life he could have had.

He gambles to remember, he gambles to forget.


The Little Soldiers (On tour)

Amidst the wonders of the circus, two brothers fight over a beautiful tightrope walker. As she leads them above and below themselves into other imagined lands, their desire slowly turns to obsession. A furious ambition takes hold.

The Little Soldiers is an astonishing concert performance of dance-and-mime theatre, fusing live music and a spellbinding physical aesthetic.

Blind Man’s Song (On tour)

Following sell-out runs at the 2015 London International Mime Festival, Latitude and the Edinburgh Fringe, Theatre Re presents a wordless tale about the power of imagination blending physical theatre, mime, illusions and a live musical score.

"Superb… like a Beckett play designed by Magritte." (Stage)

While a blind man walks around his room with unsteady steps a story of love, hope, courage and unquenchable vision unfolds.

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