photo: Danilo Moroni / graphic design: Rebecca Pitt

Theatre Re

To reinvent. To reveal.

Welcome to our online home. Theatre Re  creates and produces visual theatre shows on the edge of mime and theatre.

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Welcome to our online home! Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating thought-provoking, tangible and poignant work that examines fragile human conditions and spans the boundaries of mime and theatre.

  1. Thursday evening six week short course

in partnership with Fourth Monkey TC

Led by Guillaume Pigé

From Oct. 5th to Nov. 9th 2017

6pm to 9pm

London, Fourth Monkey Theatre School


Theatre Re is extremely grateful to Arts Council England and  Haringey Council  for their ongoing help, trust and support.
We are also very proud to be working in association with The Point Eastleigh and South Hill Park Arts Centre as Associate Artists, as well as with Shoreditch Town Hall, The Lincoln Drill Hall and Jacksons Lane.

  1. Edinburgh Festival Fringe

Part of British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2017

Pleasance Forth

Aug 3rd to 27th (not 14)

12pm (75 mins)


photo: Danilo Moroni

Theatre Re

Trailer - The Nature of Forgetting

Interview - British Council Edinburgh Showcase 2017:

  1. The music from The Nature of Forgetting and Blind Man’s Song composed by Alex Judd is now available to purchase online!

Please visit our online shop here for more details.

Alternatively you can come and find us at the end of a performance...

photo: Danilo Moroni