Established in 2009, Theatre Re is a London-based international ensemble creating vibrant and emotional work on the edge of mime and theatre.

Mime because corporeal mime is at the base of all our creative work and we are fascinated by the idea of making “visible the invisible”. Theatre because we are telling stories. And as Karen Quigley (writer and drama lecturer at the University of York) wrote it about our work:

“The idea of being on the edge also implies a possible tipping point, a position from which one could fall into or step onto something else. Theatre Re has found a ‘something else’ and transformed an edge into a definite aesthetic and practice”.

To us this “something else” also refers to an improbable way of re-inventing and re-presenting the world with nothing.

The company has toured work in the UK but also in France, Ireland, Switzerland and Germany.

Theatre Re has received support from Arts Council England, Arts Council Ireland, the French Institute in London, the city of Paris, the city of Lyon and Haringey Council (North London) to create international projects.

Since 2014, Theatre Re is an associate company of South Hill Park Arts Centre.


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Photo: François Verbeek

Photo: Richard Davenport

“Theatre Re creates an entrancing, poignant world, and an hour spent in it seems all too brief.” Edinburgh Spotlight

Theatre Re is extremely grateful to Arts Council England and  Haringey Council  for their ongoing help, trust and support.
We are also very proud to be working in association with South Hill Park Arts Centre as an associate company and  with  Shoreditch Town Hall, The Lincoln Drill Hall and The Greenwich Theatre.

Theatre Re